Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

We love to get feedback from our hunters. With this page we share Double D Ranch Testimonials and you can read some of the great things that hunters say about their hunting experience. At the Double D Ranch we make every effort to make your hunt the most enjoyable and remarkable hunt ever. We believe you are part of our family.

Double D Ranch Testimonials. Read what some of our hunters have said…

Date: October 8, 2023

Just wanted to say one last time…thank you for this weekend. We all had a great damn time. Well ran business…super friendly people. Tim was amazing to us. We will def be back!

Anthony Roth

Date: April 3, 2022

Thanks for another amazing hunt at your ranch. You and the staff always make us feel like family and work so hard to make us feel at home and always provide a quality hunt.

The Mann Family

Date: August 2, 2021

Good Evening Dannie,
I wanted to reach out and personally thank you for the hospitality and amazing time we all had. We will definitely be back! Maybe not such a big group, but we’d like to set up a yearly thing! Thank you and your crew again from all of us.

The Bachelor Party!

Date: August 26, 2020

I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the hospitality and all the hard work you and your crew put in over this weekend that made my wife’s first hog hunt a hunt that will never be forgotten.

Date: April 28, 2020

Hey, this is Bill from last weekend’s hunt. Wanted to thank you again. GREAT TIME! Great place and you and your team are the best. I will recommend you to anyone. Thanks again. I’m very grateful for the hospitality. And I am glad you hung with us on Saturday. Really made me lauch a lot. I needed that!!

Thanks again,

Date: October 6, 2018

Dannie and Adam,
Thank you for another amazing hunt for my gold medal Merino ram. You always exceed any and all expectations. Hunters take notice. I have achieved 2 silver medals, 2 gold medals, 3 top ten awards; and thanks to Adam and Dannie I completed my “Big horn” slam for another potential gold medal with R.O.E. I did this all with a recurve bow. Dannie has helped me grow as an archer and Adam has taken every footstep with me on the 17 yr. Quest. GOD bless you both.

Thank you; We love you. Vince and Mary Elam

Date: February 23, 2018

Words cannot describe the gratitude in my heart for how much your son helped us and made us feel right at home. He gave us instructions on what to do and allowed us to hunt on our own. We had a Dall Sheep near us most of the hunt and even though the first hour was pretty wet we had a great time. Everything was top notch and I will be back and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great time. Thank you for all the help with the booking process and answering all my questions. This memory is something I’ll cherish the rest of my life.

Yours truly,
Nathan Travis.

Date: October 20, 2017

Dannie, Nina and Adam,
I come to the Double D for two reasons and will continue to do so. The quality of the game is unsurpassed. The camaraderie is unmatched. This is my biggest buck ever and far exceeds the ad description and picture.

Thanks again,
I’ll be back.

John Trouts

Date: August 5, 2017

To Dannie and Adam,
Thank you so much for the great boars we got on our trip to Double D Ranch. My wife and I had a blast!! You guys were great every step of the way and were extremely patient and easy going. The care of the hogs after we harvested them was also top notch and Adam did a great job with the processing and packaging. I will definitely be coming back, within the year, most likely with a few more people to come experience the great time we had all over again! Thank you again!

Kiel and Samantha

Date: January 27, 2017

Dannie and Adam,
Thank you again for another great hunt. Raymond took his 1st ram today and it was a bit rough to get on them for such a young kid. You guys were amazingly patient and did everything possible to get him his trophy. I can’t thank you enough. We will be back soon!!

Nathan Evans

Date: November 16, 2016

Dannie, Adam, Nina,

Thank you for another fantastic hog hunt. There is a reason my wife Mary and I hunt at DD Ranch. For the better part of 16 years we hunt two and three times per year. The animals are second to none in trophy size, gourmet quality meat, and a true adventure in hunting. Hunters come challenge your self and test your equipment. Hunting at DD Ranch has taken our hunting skills with firearms and archery equipment to a whole other level. Adam you are a beast thanks for everything.

Vince and Mary Elam

Date: November 10, 2016

Absolutely beautiful deer and one of my best hunts ever. The rain and hail coupled with s muzzleloader only added to the excitement.

I’ve hunted all over the country and this hunt was better than almost all of them.

Next year, I still want to hunt the “perfect 10”.

Thanks again,


Date: November 6, 2016


Wanted to thank you for the great time the Butler County Sportsmen group had. You guys worked your butts off and don’t think it wasn’t appreciated. Adam made our hunt special .. he is a great guy.
I tried the sausage and one of the ham steaks today, the meat is outstanding. Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks, hope to see you again soon.

-Bill Umbstead

Date: March 27, 2016

Thanks so much for a great hunt and experience this weekend. My son and I had a ball and are very happy with the two hogs we were able to take. You and Adam made it very fun, and we could tell you two were working hard for us. Carter Ray was able to get a good taste of just how mean and aggressive these boars can be. He will never forget after his close crossbow shot the hog turning towards him and chomping his teeth the whole time!! We will be back again next year for sure. Looks like this will be a annual trip for my son and I.
Thanks again and take care, see you next year…

Carter Wireman Jr.
Carter Wireman III


Date: March 27, 2016

I just wanted to tell you thank you for a good time, my boy is still telling everyone about his hog. You have a nice set up and we appreciate everything you guys did and especially the hog mount. We got it fixed and it’s already hanging on the wall. I will highly recommend your operation.

Thanks again. David L.


Date: March 14, 2016

Dan and Nina,

Thank you again for another great weekend at the ranch. The boys and I had a blast like usual. Tyler can’t wait to get his dall back from the taxidermist and we have already started eating Wyatt’s and my hogs. So cool to be able to run around those hills with my boys like I did with dad and Dan when I was a kid. Can’t wait till next time! See you soon.

Brian Ball


Date: January 1, 2016

Dannie- I just wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for the exceptional service by you and your staff. My son Brock and I had a fantastic time. The cabin was a fun way for us to start our hunt, the ranch was great and our guide Tim was excellent. Tim really was patient with Brock during the hunt which helped him stay calm during our stalk and ultimately led to him making a perfect shot on a huge hog. Your care of our game after the hunt exceeded my expectations as well.

I highly recommend Double D and Brock and I look forward in returning.

Best, Tony Perkins


Date: November 30, 2015


I wanted to let you know Mya and myself had a wonderful time this past weekend on the wild boar hunt. My daughter spent the weekend telling her friends and sending pictures. You and your team did a great job and we plan to return in the near future! Thanks Again!

Adam Ousley


Date: November 24, 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed Sundays White tailed deer hunt, and our insightful conversation! “You are my kind of people, and I say “people” because Nina and your staff are included and were great! Adam’s leadership as a guide was helpful and educational, and the results were spectacular! I’ve dreamed of putting a Buck like this on the wall for 30 years!

John Czelusniak


Date: October 25, 2015

I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome hunt and the great ram you were able to get me. Adam and Tim did a great job guiding me. The Corsican ram I was able to harvest was exactly what I was hoping to get with his full curl. I will definitely be planning a future hunt.

Nathaniel Simons


Date: October 22, 2015

This was my second hunt at the ranch and once again it was top notch service from Dannie, Adam, Tim and Josh! I got a awesome trophy elk and it took them all a lot of work to take care of the animal. I know Jack from Hatton Taxidermy does not work at the ranch but he is just as great to work with and spends all the time you need to figure out the best mount you can get. The camaraderie was great as well. As I said before I will definitely recommend this ranch to my friends and I look forward to my next trip there. Thank you again for a great time and a memorable hunt.

Chris E.


Date: October 7, 2015

Just want to say my husband and I enjoyed our hunts with you all earlier this summer. He has his boar skull all bleached and the tusks are awesome. He is in the process now of pickling and prepping my Spanish Goat hide for mounting. We are already talking about coming back late next spring or early summer. He occasionally checks your picture gallery to see if his pic with his boar is there. He is pretty proud of it. And to think he went clear to Texas to get one half the size…. Again thanks. Yuns do a wonderful job and we have highly recommended you all to many people.

Mary Workman


Date: September 20, 2015

I just wanted to drop a quick thank you note Dannie, Adam and Josh. I was just there on a Fallow hunt. Adam dropped me off in a spot he thought would be good and two and a half hours I bagged a beautiful chocolate Fallow. Dannie was there in no time to pick my deer up. The ranch is gorgeous with steep hills and deep ravines and plenty of animals to watch. After the hunt Dannie and Adam spent time talking with us sharing their knowledge and stories. It felt like good friends catching up in a way even though that was the first time I met them. It was a very relaxing atmosphere. Josh was excellent as well as he spent time making sure how you wanted the deer processed and was very friendly as well. Even showed us some of his wood carving he does. The service was great overall. I look forward to coming back and hunting there again. I will definitely recommend your ranch to my friends. Thank you again for a great time and a great hunt.



Date: May 5, 2015

Dannie, Besides having a great time and meeting lots of nice people.My guide Tim did an outstanding job and Josh who processed my hog did the best job at packaging I’ve ever had done,. The real plus is the meat is excellent. I’m looking forward to returning next year.

Dave Buesching

Date: May, 3. 2015

Thanks for the awesome Spanish goat hunt today. Again the ranch had outstanding animals at never to be heard of prices in this day and age. Had a great time and can’t wait till next trip. Always hate to leave….till next time …take care.

Matt and Reatha

Date: April 4, 2015


We had a great time. My boys can’t stop talking about the experience. Your staff was great, both your son and Tim. I appreciate how they worked with my boys, and let them go in all out! It was also a pleasure to meet you. You run a great operation. I am sure your community is proud to have you as a partner. We will be back!

Dr. Byron C. Kohut


Date: March, 26, 2015

Hi Dannie,

I just wanted to thank you and your wife as well as your other guides for a great time this past weekend. I know how busy you must stay and I also know how hard it can be sometimes to put on so many different hats to make sure everyone stays happy (which is impossible all the time). I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate what you do and anytime a 15 year old tells a parent how much they enjoyed hanging out and hunting with you and the others, that says a lot. In this day and age most teenagers don’t want to be around adults! You are much more than just a businessman or guide service. Just thought you should know and since I am a Doctor in Psychology I think I may know a thing or two about people, (maybe not as much as my brother of course, just ask him)!! Lol. I hope to hunt with you again someday. If there is ever anything I can do for you up this way, give me a shout!

Thanks again,

Bill Kimberlin (and Bailey, Jay Sr.)

Date: March 11, 2015

Hi Dan,
I want to thank you and Adam for today’s hunt.
Also a big thank you to Josh for the butchering. You are truly blessed with two wonderful sons. Let Adam know that I plan on spending less time on bench shooting and work more with using tress. God bless his patience.
Again, thank you and I’m already trying to let my wife return soon for a larger hog.

Terry Gadd

Date: February 15, 2015

You guys are The Best. 10th visit, hoping for at least another ten. You provide an Excellent Family Experience, Positive Memories and a price/value unequalled on the entire East Coast. If people do not believe, have them call me.

Thanks again,


Date: January 5, 2015

Hello to all at the Double D Ranch!

Sorry this has taken so long to get back to you, but life gets busy. Kyle and I wanted to tell you how thankful we were to go hunting with you all. You made us feel right at home. We had a blast and loved our time there. Our guide was amazing and super helpful. Plus the regular hunters were great to meet and share stories with.

We had and still tell everyone about our trip and about Double D.

We are looking forward to setting up our next hunt with you all! Thank you so much again. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Kristin Gandee


Date: October 26, 2014

I just wanted to thank you for everything, all 3 of us had a blast and got our trophies. I was kind of apprehensive with the whole “canned hunt” but it truly was a great experience. Your establishment and workers are amazing. We’re planning on seeing you again in the spring.

Thank you,
Nathan Evans


Date: October 22, 2014

Dannie, just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for another great hunt. the Fallow deer I harvested was really great I could not be happier. Adam did a tremendous job and deserves a big thank you. Tim helped a great deal, my thanks to him also. Looking forward to setting up my next hunt.
Thanks again for another great hunt.

David W Simons


Date: October 19, 2014

Dannie. Thanks for a very memorable and fun day with my two sons at DD. you
guys are great!!!
Tim Light


Date: October 8, 2014

You guys are the very best and I appreciate the way you guys treated me and my family when I come I don’t spend tons of money but you treat me no different then the one that do so I say thank you and God bless you and hope to see ya soon.

Sincerely, Jamie Barker


Date: September 22, 2014

Dannie, I wanted to thank you for making a trip that we won’t ever forget. Kyle and I haven’t stopped talking about the hunt and the trip since we started out Saturday morning. You all have an awesome setup and are awesome folks to work with. I have several friends that are now talking about us all getting together to do a hog hunt. One of our friends is also talking a couple ram hunts. Again thank you !!! what you done meant a lot to me. I told the kids that I know what I want for a Christmas present…hint hint !!!



Date: June 22, 2014

Thanks Dannie for a great hunt and an even better time! The boys loved it and appreciated Adam’s camaraderie.

I hope you and Nina enjoy Lake Cumberland.



Date: June 8, 2014

We want to thank you so much. We all had a great time and the boys couldn’t be happier. It was an all around wonderful experience. Both guides were great and went above and beyond to make sure our hunt was successful. You have a great place that we would highly recommend to anyone.

Brian, Melissa, Bryce and Brayden Caudill


Date: March, 17, 2014

My son and I had the chance to hunt with you guys 4 years ago and had a wonderful time. The staff was wonderful, they where so helpful in every way. From the time we got there to the time we left. And the hunt was great and exciting. It was a great time. t was the best father son weekend ever My son was offered a trip to Disney and the beach from his grandparents and instead he ask to go to Double D instead. We are so excited to come back and have that opportunity to this June.
See ya in June
Don And Ryan


Date: February 4, 2014

Dan and Adam,

You guys provide great animals at affordable prices and excellent service witch add up to great memories.

Thank you,
John Javersak

Date: 17 January 2013

Dan and Nina,

I just want to thank you guys for another great weekend! It was an absolute blast. It was a lot fun spending the weekend with all of you and hunting. It sure was fun all of us setting around the big table in the lodge and having a great dinner and to hear everyone laughing and having fun. Josh’s girls and Felix were very entertaining! It was a great night. The fallow buck and doe I got were great animals as usual. Never disappointed in the animals I have hunted at the ranch, they are the best quality of anything around. I cant believe its been almost 20 years already going up that hill, seems like just yesterday I made my first trip with Dan up that hill. Thanks so much for the great memories, they just keep getting better and better. You guys are great and mean the world to me and my family. Thank you so much for everything, I really don’t know how I could ever thank you guys!

Brad King


Date: 15 January 2013


I would like to extend a Huge Thank You to you and the Family. This past weekend was again another Excellent time at the Double D Ranch. One of the more exciting Hunts that I have experienced due to Mr. Axis Buck a bit on the Wild Side to say the least, but You and the Family treated every one this past weekend the same you did when I started coming down over 6 Years ago. Every Year is as exciting or more exciting and I always head back home with good memories and stories to tell. This year I was able to obtain a great memory for the wall too, which will be as great as a conversation piece as the many other memories on the wall that are only and or have only been possible due to the operation you have and the way you run it. And many good tasting meals ahead.

Thanks Again, Talk with you all soon…


Date: 17 December 2012

I want to thank you guys for the two Texas dalls . this was a Christmas gift for our daughter and a very great one. the rams were excellent and my daughter loved every minute of it. I couldn’t asked for any better than to see her eyes an face light up from the time we arrived to the time we left. She is still going on about it to every one she meets. thank you all very much and we will be back very soon merry Christmas to all at the dd ranch from the Witters family. And I sent pics of our rams to your e-mail

thanks again,
David Witters


Date: 08 December 2012

Danny we would like to give our thanks and appreciation for your hospitality, your accommodations, and your sons and family for the wonderful hunt we had. You have a wonderful ranch and everything provided right there. The Russian Hog was a great deal and way bigger than I even imagined! We will be back after the first of the year.

Thanks Mike & Roshella Thompson


Date: 06 December 2012

Thank you again for allowing me and my son to hunt and enjoy a day with everyone. as there is more to the hunt than killing something it is sharing the fun with friends and family. have a Merry Christmas.

Kregg Uhrig


Date: 30 November 2012

Dannie and family,
Thank you for a great hunt last weekend. The communication between you and Adam on the stalk of that BIG Russian Boar was awesome. The Butcher (sorry forgot his name) was very nice enjoyed watching him work. Ask him if his wife made those scotch eggs? Let me say that the meat from that pig is the best pork I have ever had.

Mark Smith


Date: 12 November 2012


I want to Thank You, AGAIN from Myself and all of The Members of Columbus Grove American Legion Post #516. The Boar Hunt that You donate for our annual Fishing Derby always provides a memorable trip for a youngster, with this year being no exception. The winner of the Boar Hunt was provided with a Memory to take with her for Life, Thanks to YOU. Your willingness to assist the American Legion with its fund raising event is an appreciation that we will never truly be able to show to you. Not only does your kindness and donation assist the American Legion Charities, it provides an experience for a youth, an experience that otherwise may never be sought by many of the youth that are present for our Fishing Derby…. You are respected and truly appreciated by several hundred Active Military Members and Veterans from Bowers Slusser Post #516. Your involvement is GREATLY APPRECIATED and Never Forgotten…

From The American Legion Post #516, THANK YOU… I will be talking with you soon……

Nick GIlgenbach, American Legion Post #516 Trustee


Date: 28 October 2012

Thank you for a fantastic time! You made us feel like family and valued customers. You have a first rate operation. Special thanks to Dannie, Nina, Adam and Tim for making my grandson, Randy’s first kill so memorable! Looking forward to coming back down. We’re spreading the word up here about your operation. Telling everyone about the great time I had!!

Norm Taylor, Jr.


Date: 26 October 2012

Hi Danny I wanted to take a minute and thank you and your family for the awesome experience that my nephew and I had today. I have not been behind a gun hunting in more than 8years or so since the passing of my father brings back memories in my life I will never forget.

Thanks for everything.
Bill Garner


Date: 29 September 2012

Dannie & Adam,

Thanks again for a great hunting experience! IT WAS AWESOME! Looking forward to a return trip in the near future. I will be telling everyone about you guys. Tell Adam I’m sorry for forgetting his tip, I’ll make up for it next time through.

John Ingrum


Date: 28 September 2012


Just want to Thanks you for a great hunt Brad and I had a great time as always. Brad called me this afternoon and said he has had some great memories hunting at the ranch. The buck was unbelievable taxidermist said its the biggest 8 pt he has ever seen . See you next month sometime I will keep my eye on the board!!

Thanks for all you and your family do!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Zahar


Date: 19 September 2012

Thank you all for making this one of the best times of Laura’s life. I will never forget the look on her face when she posed for the photos with her hog. That was just the medicine she needed. You and the whole family were absolutely wonderful to her. She is still telling everybody about the hunt and DD Ranch. We will be coming back. God bless and thank you for helping her. She was and is thrilled.



Date: 09 August 2012


thanks again for all your hard work getting these great animals at a great price for the middle class! Don’t know of any other place that does like the ranch does!!! I know the young clan wouldn’t have half of the great animals if it wasn’t for the ranch!! So thanks to all at The Ranch for making a great, affordable hunt!!!

the young clan


Date: 20 June 2012

Thank you Dannie This was my first big game hunt and kill. I had a blast. I will be back soon. Thank you again!

Jolene Lantz


Date: 15 June 2012

Danny – I came down there yesterday for a “roaster” hog hunt. Lodging was great, I really had fun, and I’ve got a freezer full of pork at a great price. Thanks to you and your guys, it was great!

Ken Whitehead


Date: 4 June 2012

Dannie & Family,

I just wanted to take time to thank you and your family for an awesome time at your ranch. Hog Heaven was clean and tidy and our first hunting experience was a great time from start to finish.

Thanks again and oh, yes – the hunting bug has bit us and we will be back again.

Jami Smith & Melissa Jacobs

PS. Had our first pork chops on the grill tonight and I’ve got to say that was the best pork I’ve ever eaten and felt good to know that I personally put it on the table!


Date: 29 April 2012

Hi Dannie & Nina,

I wanted to thank you for the amazing experience. Our guide was wonderfully patient and extremely knowledgeable. It was very important to me that this be a good experience for my 11 year son, as this will shape the way he feels about hunting. I had never hunted before and since it is usually considered a “guy thing”, I was nervous. Adam helped me to feel right at home in the woods. We have been telling everyone that will listen that you run such an ethical outfit and your prices are amazing. We look forward to returning for our next adventure!

God bless,
Aimee McGowan


Date: 28 April 2012

Danni, Nina and crew-

Just thought I’d drop you a line and send a couple of pics of this weeks hunt. I, being partially handicapped in mobility, really appreciate the extra mile you and your son Adam and his friend Tim went so I would have a successful hunt. As always, the stay at Double D for me and my wife, was excellent. Hope to see you at the picnic or this fall.

Yours truly-
Ron and Donna


Date: 14 April 2012

Hi Dannie, Nina, and Adam,

As usual the seven hunters that I sent down this weekend had an excellent hunt. While I couldn’t go this time because of health reasons, I sure do feel like I was there from the excitement and furvor that they are sharing and reliving to me their “wild boar hunt.” This was the 16th or 17th year that I have scheduled a hunt with you and you have continued to surpass all other years when I didn’t think that possible. The animals were bigger, meaner, and hardier than ever and along with a few breathtaking charges that my repeat customers told me that they got more than their moneys worth.

God Bless,
Bill Norton


Date: 16 April 2012


Thanks for an excellent hunt! Your family, guides, lodging and equipment are as good as it gets. The boar I took was a monster and all the other game I saw has me thinking I should get another freezer. I have never had my kill professionally processed, packaged, labeled and ready to go so quickly! From the minute I rolled in until I left, I was completely impressed.

Thanks again,
Chris Tirey


Date: 14 April 2012

We all had a great time, this was the first time we were able to all get together for a hunt since my accident. You guys are great hosts your accommodations were very comfortable and your outdoor set up made for a great time to hang out and get to know the other hunters and swap a few stories. You and your family are great and enjoyed meeting you all. Gavin and I are already thinking of planning an axis hunt as soon as we can. Your guides and son are some good ol boys and enjoyed being with them and them putting up with a hobbling fat guy.

The kids and I just wanted to thank you for a great weekend. check out Gavins video he did a good job putting it together.

Thanks again
Our family
Tracy Sodders


Date: 11 April 2012


Kacie and I had a great hunt!! our arapawa rams were awesome! Animal for animal, dollar for dollar The Ranch cant be beat!

We can’t wait to come back!

thanks again!
Gary and Kacie Young