If I pay a deposit and can’t hunt, can someone else use it?

No, deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

How are the hunts conducted?

Most hunts start out in a ground blind and then to spot and stalk.

What is included in the price?

The price of the animal includes guide service, field dressing, field removal, and skinning. Other services are available by request and at additional cost.

Is lodging provided?

Yes if needed there is no charge. Please view the lodging page for more information on the cost of lodging. If you only day hunt and don’t require any lodging, the price is still the same price of the animal as listed on price as lodging is free

How many days are the hunts?

We like to have two full days to insure your success.

If I don’t harvest an animal, do I lose my deposit?

No, the deposit is good for you to reschedule another hunt.

Are the animals all running together?

No, we hunt two areas. Each area contains different species that get along.

If I book for one animal and see something I like better, can I change hunts?

Yes, if the animal you booked was not a special order.

Can I take additional animals on the same hunt?

Yes, if you see something else you like, you may hunt it and get $50 off the second animal.

What happens if it rains or snows when I am scheduled?

We still hunt! Bring the proper hunting clothing and boots!

Is there a trophy fee charged?

No, the price of the animal is the price you pay.

Can I pay my deposit with my credit card?

Not over the phone but you can use PayPal for credit card payment (some rules apply). We also recommend sending a check or Money Order. Contact us to arrange for your payment.

Will my meat be ready to go home with me?

Yes, but the butchering is an overnight process. You must give us time to process and package your animal. Butchering is an additional fee.